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Ayden Creative provides marketing, public relations and communications services to companies and organizations wanting to expand their presence, both on and offline. We creatively and passionately work with you to solve your communications problems. Ayden Creative acts as the eyes and ears for companies, creating meaningful customer experiences and expanding community reach.

Who We Are


Tara Osipoff

President & Creative Producer

Chief Happiness Enforcer


Tanya Zinkewich

Office Manager


Alysha McEachern

Lead Graphic Designer &
Designer With Attitude


Kyla Henry

Graphic Designer &
Designer With Attitude

What We Do


Social Media Management

We tell your brand story and build a strong online community for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. We develop strategies, build content, drive sales, schedule posts, create conversations and measure results.


Social Media Advertising

We create compelling ads that tell your brand story, while highlighting promotions, products, services, and creating brand awareness. We use the digital space to reach your target market through social media advertising.


Packaging & Branding

When they say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so is your logo, packaging and overall branding. We want to create the ultimate customer experience from start to finish – creating a logo that speaks to your target market, packaging that is too pretty to throw out, and fonts and colours that create a feeling with your consumer that won’t fade away.



We seek to captivate, we seek to stir up emotion, we seek to connect. Our photography, whether it be of a product for social media, or head shots for your website, have depth and tell a story. We take photos that speak to people


Brand Ambassadors & Street Teams

We work with real people around the world who will help you grow your brand and drive sales. Whether you’re a local ‘brick and mortar’ store or an e-commerce site, we will work with you to put a strategy in place, utilizing influencers and the community to gain brand awareness, and raise revenue. Our street teams are made up of social influencers who will help create the ultimate experience for your consumers; whether that be for an event or an on-site promotion. We work with real people to tell your brand story.


Graphic Design & Print

Graphic design is all around you. It speaks to you from every street corner. It goes beyond billboards and business cards; every object has something to say. All aspects of colour, shape, space, and orientation work together to tell its story. We work with you to define what your story is, and how to communicate that to your clients. From print material to digital space, we create a seamless story with continuity in design.


Content Creation

Content is the single most powerful and versatile tool in the bag of B2B marketing tricks. Content marketing consists of creating and sharing valuable content to attract and convert prospective customers into customers and repeat buyers. Great content also has a significant impact on your brand’s search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound lead generation. Content marketing starts with what your prospects need to know instead of what you need to tell them. In other words, you’re educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.


Website Development

We create aesthetically beautiful, user-friendly websites that are manageable after creation. Our goal is to create an online space where your consumers can go and not only find information, but get a feeling for who your business is, what you do and lead them to the next step of the purchase process.

Our Clients

Past & Present

Gym SK
Level 10
20 Ten Eatery


  • “Clever, creative and customer centric doesn’t even begin to describe the talented team at Ayden Creative. Any agency can claim that they see the business through the eyes of the customer. Ayden takes it a few steps further. They see the business through the eyes of the customer’s customer, analyze carefully, plan strategically and implement flawlessly. They connect business with audiences at the emotional core, leaving memorable, meaningful marketing that influences bottom line outcomes. Smart thinking. Hard working. Great communication skills. A strategic approach to creative development and the moxie to back it up. What more could you ask for in an agency partner. Oh yeah. Coffee is always on.”

    Claire Watson, ABC, APR Vice President, Strategic Communication Management, Cropley Communication
  • “Hiring Ayden Creative has been one of the best decisions we have made. Their amazing job promoting the awareness of our business within our community resulted on a considerable increasing on the number of followers across all platforms. If you’re looking for a talented and approachable team, with a passion and dedication for social media and design, Ayden Creative is the answer for you.”

    Eduardo Ventura Owner & Manager, Class Act Performing Arts Studios



Our team would love to provide you with a free marketing assessment and consultation. We offer a variety of services that are tailored to fit your communications and creative needs. Our team will collaborate with you, listen to your needs, assess your current marketing strategy and start a little fire to fit your desired outcomes.


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